Building Healthcare Teams

Venuiti Healthcare works exclusively with DevStaff Canada (a member of the Venuiti Group of Companies) to build world class Healthcare Software Development Teams.  DevStaff offers extensive expertise in health-tech staffing, and their deep understanding of healthcare project intricacies enables them to assemble robust technical teams that consistently deliver.  

Here are just a few examples of the health-tech projects that DevStaff and Venuiti Healthcare have hired for: 

CAMH: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
CAMH is a leader in Canadian mental health and addiction research, treatment, and advocacy. DevStaff’s collaboration with CAMH focuses specifically on supporting their endeavors in building data engineering teams, particularly in neuroinformatics, which are instrumental in advancing research methodologies and access to resources. DevStaff leverages their expertise in this niche area to craft specialized teams tailored to CAMH’s unique requirements. DevStaff’s ability to develop tailored teams showcases our commitment to excellence in Healthtech staffing.
Canada Health Infoway logo

DevStaff Canada (a member of the Venuiti Group of Companies) plays a crucial role in providing top-tier staffing solutions for cutting-edge health technology projects like those undertaken by Health Canada Infoway. DevStaff’s expertise in assembling teams equipped with the latest technologies and methodologies ensures that Infoway’s initiatives progress smoothly. Their dedication to addressing unique challenges contributes to the advancement of healthcare infrastructure nationwide, solidifying their position as leaders in Healthtech staffing.

T6 Health Systems logo

As the exclusive technical staffing partner for T6 Health Systems,
DevStaff has helped to take the project from a vision to reality.
They’ve helped to build out diverse teams covering frontend,
backend, quality assurance, DevOps, project management,
business analysis, and more. Their commitment to equipping
teams with top talent drives innovation and success in healthcare
technology, making them an invaluable asset to high-growth
startups like T6.

Denti AI logo
DentiAI represents a pioneering force in dental AI software, deployed across both Canada and the US. DevStaff’s expertise in assembling teams with specialized expertise in AI, dental technology, and software development ensures product builds like DentiAI are successful. As a trusted staffing partner, DevStaff places emphasis on its capability to provide exceptional staffing solutions finely tuned to the unique demands of niche domains within the healthcare sector.

Individual Hires

Looking for specialized talent to fill specific roles in your healthtech project?

DevStaff provides individual contractors with expertise in a variety of tech stacks to ensure your project recieves the specialized attention it needs.Our individual services and hires cover a wide range of technologies, including:

Java logo

We specialize in Java EE, Spring, Hibernate, and other Java technologies tailored to your requirements, seamlessly integrating applications with existing healthcare systems and data sources to ensure interoperability and data integrity


Proficient in ASP.NET Core, Xamarin, and various .NET frameworks, we develop customized solutions aligned with healthcare industry standards and compliance, integrating with EHRs, medical devices, and diverse healthcare systems to enable comprehensive patient care and efficient data management.

The Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources standard logo

We specialize in leveraging HL7 FHIR standards and APIs to develop FHIR-compliant APIs and seamlessly integrate FHIR resources into existing systems, enabling the smooth exchange of patient data and healthcare information.


With expertise in HL7 messaging protocols and interface development, we ensure accurate and efficient data transmission, facilitating real-time access to patient information and supporting seamless clinical workflows.

Specializes in healthcare software testing methodologies, ensuring seamless integration of various components and functionalities, including rigorous interoperability testing to validate data exchange between different systems and interfaces.

With expertise in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), I deploy healthtech applications to the cloud, optimizing infrastructure and implementing cloud-native solutions for data storage, processing, and analysis while adhering to industry guidelines and regulations to ensure scalability, reliability, and security.

Specializes in developing cross-platform healthcare applications for iOS and Android platforms, utilizing Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, React Native, and other technologies to deliver user-friendly and secure mobile solutions.